MGNY Madeline Gardner

There are those who wonder if MGNY Madeline Gardner dresses are an appropriate fit for their wedding. After all, designs of this quality, sewn and assembled with this much care and attention to detail, do bring with it the possibility of overwhelming the fashion choices of others.  Fortunately, MGNY wedding dresses are made to be tasteful and complimentary to the wedding party as a whole. The flowing, organic lines of the Mother of the Bride collection match effortlessly, and the many options available give the wedding planners space to create whatever look they desire.  These MGNY bridal gowns and dresses are available in an array of styles and colors, lengths and sizes.  Whether the mother of the bride wants to appear in a blaze of organdy or a delicate swath of lace, this series helps her make the statement that is right for her and her daughter. MGNY Madeline Gardner dresses incorporate vintage styling into modern materials, creating an individual work of art that functions in concert with the entire wedding party.  There is no practical limit to the color or colors of the dress, and some of the examples in the collection are quite daring.  Although many mother of the bride dresses tend towards variations on cream, silver, white, and ivory, many people are seeking out gowns with base colors of champagne, blue, bluish pink, and gold. Naturally there is no limit to the accents and accessories, and they have all been designed to wear well. The Mother of the Bride series has incorporated every special consideration to flatter and applaud the beautiful women who animate them.  Finally, it should be noted that the attractive spring collection of MGNY bridal gowns presents these sentiments and aesthetics as well.


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