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Every girl or woman loves to be the center of attention at any party which is why the right dress for the vent is crucial. Cocktail parties, Proms, Wedding and Social occasions are a time to show off and look your best. Dave and Johnny’s collection is not only impressive but one of the best places to find the right dress for your occasion. The Designers specialize in cocktail dresses, Destination bridal dresses, Prom dresses as well as social occasion dresses.

Prom Dresses

There is no getting less than the best for your girl for her prom. She will not let you which is why Dave and Johnny prom dresses are your refuge. The designs feature rich layers of high-class satin, beaded finishing and tantalizing open backs to complete the fairytale for any girl. Dave and Johnny prom dresses are not limited when it comes to size style, color, and length. The style includes two piece prom dresses that break the monotony of full dresses for those that love a little drama to their dresses. Perusing the collection gets you more excited and spoilt for choice. The dresses also accentuate every other accessory you will be wearing include jewelry and makeup, Not to mention the shoes.

Destination Bridal and wedding dresses

Destination bridal dresses are inspired by love and romance. These dresses are designed to combine the wedding, honeymoon and after party dress in one. These are the most versatile bridal dresses which are why they are gorgeous. Dave and Johnny Destination Bridal dresses are bohemian inspired for the beach and open spaces blending the beach and the bride. The elegant dresses are sexy and at the same time express the freedom that comes with the sunset. Dave and Johnny wedding dresses pull no stops when it comes to brilliance. The dresses range from open backs, low cut necklines, bright and shiny perils, beautiful laces and body-hugging mermaid designs. The dresses come in various sizes, colors, designs, a combination of laces as well as length when it comes to the bridal dress tail.


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