Dave and Johnny

Cocktail and Evening Dresses

Dave and Johnny cocktail dresses are the epitome of evening wear with a vast array to pick from when it comes to cocktail dresses. The collection includes the famous short black dress in all its glory. The dresses come in various styles and colors depending on your mood for the party or evening whether you are into vibrant colors, black and white. The sexy, elegant collection is just what you need to get the party going matching well with all your jackets, accessories and shoes.

Social Occasion Dresses

Dave and Johnny social occasion dresses are to die for with various style, colors, designs, and patterns. Special occasion dresses for parties, family gatherings religious meetings, BBQs, a day out and such are the way to step out in style. These are designed to also suit some moods for the trendy woman including sexy, laid back, outgoing and adventurous.

Are dresses by Dave and Johnny worth it?

The Dave and Johnny collection has stood the test of time with some of the trendiest dresses when it comes to modern day women. The collection takes into account needs and desires and fulfills the two in a single dress. They have something for every occasion which means that you can pick all your styles from one designer.