Classic Women, Classic Styles!

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Posted on April 05 2019

Classic Women, Classic Styles!
When you think of classic women,certain women may come to your mind. Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton, Jackie O, just to name a few!
These women have carried themselves with poise, and have a left a lasting impact in history. Most importantly these women are known for their graceful and stylish taste in dressing.
Last month was Women’s History Month but here at Manhattan Dress we celebrate women all year long!  In honor of these elegant ladies take a look at some of our favorite classic styles! Don’t forget to click the picture to shop these looks directly!
Long Sleeves
Long Sleeve dresses are essential when it come to classic styles! Long sleeves are great for that you have on a cold night but a jacket just doesn’t work with your outfit! With long sleeves you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for warmth and comfort! This silver Alex Evening gown is the perfect choice to wear when you want feel classy and elegant yet still be modest!
Tea length styles
Below the knee styles will forever be a classic style worn by the most stylish and elegant women.  Tea Length styles are versatile, and simple. The length screams elegance, and show off your style. The best part of tea length styles, like this purple Alex Evening dress, are perfect for every occasion! That’s what makes this such a classic style!
A-Line dresses are another one of our favorite classic styles! A-line styles are such a classic style because the come in a variety of lengths. A-line gowns are considered to be a classic style because they are universally flattering on any body type! Women of any age will look great in an a-line dress! This Alex Evening A-line gown is the perfect choice for your next event!
Bonus: The dress is not only a classic shape, but is also also a classic solid color! You can’t go wrong when choosing a solid color dress for any occasions!
Tip: Don’t be afraid to try dresses combine some of these trends!
Three Quarter Sleeve Style
Similar to the long sleeve trend the three quarter sleeve trend is a great way to stay warm but still look great! The three quarter sleeve is a great way to be sexy by showing a little bit of skin, yet still being modest by not showing everything! This MGNY gown is the perfect way to combine elegance, sex appeal and modesty in a tasteful way!
Channel your inner classic fashionista and shop these looks, along with so many more today at
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