Mother of the Bride Trends!

Mother of the Bride Trends!

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life and the wedding day of your child is just as special! On your wedding day you most likely had an elegant dress that you loved. On your child’s special day you should have a dress you love just as much! Luckily for you, here at Manhattan Dress we have you covered! One of our favorite designers for Mother of the Bride styles is MGNY Madeline Gardner. These designs are elegant, tasteful and conservative just enough to to where you won’t take the spotlight away from the bride, but some eyes will still be on you! Gone are the days of frumpy Mother of the Bride Dresses, feel elegant and sexy on you child's big day!

Some current Mother of the Bride trends are capes, embellishments, sleeves and deep colors.

Dresses with capes are as great option to wear as the Mother of the Bride. These dresses are perfect for the woman who does not want to show a ton of skin but still wants feel sexy. Style 71928 is the perfect cape dress!

Embellishments are a classic detail that does not go unnoticed. MGNY style 71908 is a great option with beautiful detailing. Similar to the cape dress, this dress has sheer neckline that allows you to show some skin without showing to much!

Long Sleeve dresses are another great option to be comfortable and sexy. Style 71910 is a favorite among mothers of the brides. It has to do with the amazing detailing not only on the front of the bodice but on the back and down the sleeves. Long sleeve gowns don’t have to be boring!

Dresses in deep colors are another favorite among mothers. Deep color are universally flattering on any skin tone or body shape. There is a deep color out there that is perfect for everyone! One of our favorites is MGNY 71935. The navy is a classic color that will look beautiful standing next to the bride in white.  The dress also combines the other element of sleeves and embellishments!

When shopping for your Mother of the Bride dress consider some of these trends in order to look and feel you best! Shop today!


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